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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

San Diego Comic Con and Chadwick Coleman!

Chadwick , John Machado and Creative Impulse Entertainment are releasing Faixa Preta # 1 preview


at the San Diego Comic Con this coming weekend! If you are going to be there come see us at the Creative Impulse Booth # 617 or I will come find you!
~Chad C.
p.s. Faixa Preta written by Chadwick Coleman in collaboration with 5th degree Black Belt (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Master) John Machado, drawn and colored by Chadwick Coleman, inked by David Duong!

The Dark Knight and other Comic Book Movies

So I saw the Dark Knight last night... Let alone being probably the greatest comic book movie I've EVER seen, it's likely one of the greatest movies period, I've ever seen. Here's a note to Hollywood... Thank you for shutting the fuck up, thinking you know what people want and what people will pay to see and will make a lot of money at the box office, and for finally listening to the original creators of these properties on how to put these films together for the masses. This movie was rated PG-13!!!! was gruesome and kept me in suspense pretty much the entire film; and actually had me worried about the characters, etc. Future directors, please take note of how this was accomplished (by not dumbing it down for kids, as kids are not stupid).

Iron Man also included in this "How to make a comic book film the right way" rant! Just do it the way it's supposed to be done! I realize that it maybe took creating a bunch of "not really quite there films" to arrive at this one, but here we are, and there it is Finally! I'm still actually a big fan of the first two Timmy B. Films, but then there were the rest... Halfway through the movie I'm thinking, Alicia Silverstone could NEVER have been in this and had it be the same Quality film. Not to say she doesn't have her place in movies..I guess, but it's definitely not in this franchise. Watchmen is also looking the part! Hollywood is finally listening, and it shows, and apparently pays, eh Hollywood? Go figure...
~Chad C.

p.s. That said, will someone please redeem Street Fighter in this new age of film making?!