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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tiger Sharks!!!

Reliving more pieces of my childhood with these pieces. Dunno if you guys remember the old TigerSharks cartoon (1987), but it was a short lived, yet somehow still memorable, creation of Rankin/Bass (The same people that brought us ThunderCats and SilverHawks).

Did these and a few others for :iconmako87: (a commission client Richard) as a throwback and reinterpretation of the characters a bit more "up to date" on the looks. In all I did about 14-15 characters but can't show them all here as some are OC (original characters) and others may be used to promote a new show! 'Twas cool to reference and re-watch some of the old show for research!Mako, Octavia, Dolph, Angel, Doc Walro, Bronc, and finally T-Ray.

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Peep the old TigerSharks show opening!


~Chad C.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Naked Harley Quinn!!

The only reason I'm making this a journal entry is because it was an answer to a facebook question posed to me and seemed long enough to warrant a journal entry. That is to say, I usually keep my opinions to myself unless asked specifically.

First, here is what we're…
I'll preface with, I don't condone suicide or sexism, but I also operate regularly in constant shades of gray (not black and white). I can see both sides of the argument pretty clearly. On the comic book (and comic creator) side, the contest was seen as no more than just a way to discover new talent written in a way that is common in the industry BECAUSE everyone involved in the creation is on the same page about what is being created and what isn't.

 I feel like it may be hard to understand where they're coming from if you don't have a good working knowledge of how things work in the realm of comics and cartoon humor. If you know anything about Harely Quinn the character, you know that she's a bat sh** crazy ex-therapist to the Joker, who actually ends up on the other side of the shrink's couch when she falls in love with the Joker (a sadistic psychopathic killer wrapped up in black humor, laughs, and clown make-up).

 In DC's mind they're looking at it in a very "Chuck Jones" Looney Tunes (Wile E. Coyote dying multiple times in a single cartoon) kind of way..and in fact, have Harley break the forth wall and actually address the writers of the book asking in which way they were planning on killing her in the book (in the same way Wile E. might hold up a sign in his cartoons stating to the audience how he's feeling at that particular time).

 It's often ridiculous to me how the media loves to take things out of context and blow them way out of proportion. All the internet saw was "naked" "female" "suicide." The last 2 words aren't even in the description but implied.

Now, on the other side of the coin, I do think (and agree with others remarks) that this was a poor choice of a page for DC to choose as a basis for a contest to the public. Comic fans may get the humor, but the general public is not so understanding or forgiving. Without all of the explanation I've given above (aka context) I can definitely see how it could be taken the wrong way. 
In my experience, it's often the people who understand the least about what is being discussed that have the most to say about it..for whatever reason. After having read the description I did have the thought though that they may not have thought this one through completely…I draw "scantily clad" women all the time, but I also understand that these pieces are for a specific audience (not everyone).

All in all, there was just a lot more explanation needed on DC's part as to what the description actually meant overall in terms of the character's personality.

Personally, I love the Harley Quinn character (original costume), and I get it DC.

~Chad C.