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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Glen Keane (Quintessential Disney)

I would make this as a complete blog and ramble on about how great Glen Keane is, but I'd rather just allow you to follow the link and find out for yourself...


I will say that I thought of this too late, but I really should have included Glen in my influence map.. I may replace someone on there actually...Including Freddy Moore kind of solidifies all of the people that came after him at Disney, but Glen definitely deserves high praise as one of the key artists that has influenced me.

Let's just say that everything you know as THE Quintessential Disney Style from the 80's until now (including Rapunzel) is Glen. The one that got me though, was definitely Tarzan. He also includes the Disney Family Album videos in his blog (which I absolutely LOVE) Enjoy!


~Chad C.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Comic Con to Comic Con

So the San Diego Comic Con is now over but the projects continue my friends...Creative Impulse Ent. had a fantastic Con this year with the release of our newest Comic IP in collaboration with Paula Garces (Harold and Kumar, The Shield, Warehouse 13, etc.), "Aluna." My personal involvement in the project is lead and lone colorist (not an easy task by any means, but very cool). The second book will debut at the New York Comic Con, October 8th-10th (on which we are currently working). Paula will be there signing books, taking pictures, and having a blast, as usual. Aluna is also a full motion comic, where Paula has provided the voice over talent for the Aluna character along with other celebrity voice over talents, including but not limited to, Ahmed Best (Star Wars Ep.1,2, and 3, Marvel Ultimate Alliance II) and Malik Yoba (New York Undercover, Cool Runnings). It's been really great working with our entire team on this project and I can't wait to see where this IP takes us in the near future.
In other news:
I'm also working on a lot of commission pieces, multiple comic covers, and a few film projects (keeping the wheels lubed) both conceptually (aka drawing and designing), but also acting. I honestly feel that when I am not working on some sort of project at any given time..I'm wasting time.
Here's to things to come!
~Chad C.