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Monday, July 4, 2016


So I haven't written a blog in I dunno how long, but I felt like today's experiences were great enough to warrant an update. This was my immediate reaction:

Holy cow! Finally got to try out PlayStation VR at GameStop and Best Buy today! I'm 100% sold! Incredible experience and thoroughly indescribable. You have to try it for yourself!

  So even though I said I couldn't describe it I'm still going to try just a bit. The reason people say it's hard to describe an experience with VR (virtual reality) is because THIS type of VR is extrasensory and utterly mind boggling (Which is a good thing)! The visor and earphones literally cut you off from the real world and immerse you so deeply into the virtual world, as the character, that it's quite difficult for one to "get their bearings." If the virtual world places you in the cockpit of a star ship the player literally feels the same sensations one would feel in an actual cockpit (minus a few G-forces maybe) flying around because the experience has managed to fool your brain into believing it's real. It's that good. 


I think I was surprised at how intuitive the controls were, in that you have the option of playing certain games with the regular dual shock controller or with the PlayStation Move motion controllers, which basically feel like extensions of your own hands once you've learned their functions. The learning curve is so nonexistent you'll feel comfortable performing actions in game in no time, so you can really just focus on enjoying the experience. The entire set-up also produces small vibrations within the visor and controllers, that occur when the user interacts with objects in the virtual worlds, which are so sensitive that they feel like you are actually making contact with those objects (as opposed to just feeling a vibration). Everything in the worlds reacts just as it would in the real world. It's still blowing me away hours later...  

I was able to demo The London Heist, PlayStation VR Worlds, EVE: Valkyrie, and Battlezone. Each world has it's own unique experiences and everything you can see within the visor can be seen on your television screen by other people in the room, so you can all share in the experience together; but I think the coolest sort of unforeseen factor may be that you can also just watch regular movies and shows within the visor on a virtual movie screen within a virtual movie theater... So imagine being able to go to the virtual movie theater within your visor within your home and watching movies in a virtual movie theater where your friends, who also own visors can come into that virtual movie theater and watch that movie on screen with you from the comfort of their own homes... 'Nuff said.

50 game titles will be available at the PlayStation VR's launch October 2016.