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Sunday, June 23, 2013

WOW Tribute Book Hardcover

WOW Tribute Book Hardcover - See prior post for details on my art contribution to the book!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wow! We made it!

This was my first post on the 'Udon: World of Warcraft Tribute,' but since then I've found out that my piece made it in the book!! Super stoked for this and it will be out in July 2013 exclusively at San Diego Comic Con!

Prior Post:

So I just finished my "World of Warcraft - Tribute Book" piece minutes ago!! Of course I worked all the way up to the deadline date..but it took 2 months of "researching" WOW again in order to get my "reference" for the piece (such hard work). ;)

I really dig the design work in Warcraft and of Blizzard in general, so we shall see what they have to say (fingers crossed). Apologies, I cannot show you the piece or even a sneak peek, as Blizzard and Udon have said "NO!"

I respect the rules, so you'll have to wait, but the good news is, I will have more to post on Deviant Art that has nothing to do with that at all!!!

cheers all,

~Chad C.