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Friday, June 26, 2009

Death of an Icon

So I know everyone else has written blog entries about MJ...and I wasn't going to, but then I figured..This is MY blog..I can write whatever the hell I want!

At any rate, I'm not the preachy type, and I know people get turned off by the preachy types because I do. I won't say what people should and shouldn't have done for/to Michael Jackson in order for him to have lived a more rewarding life on a personal level, but I will say this...
For every person who says that they are not affected by this in some way, you have to be ignorant or stubborn...which is fine, I'm just pointing it out to you (and I'm not talking about crying your eyes out and balling up on the floor in the fetal position..simply affected is all)..and if you take offense to this, you are exactly of whom I speak. No one should have to say what an incredible human being MJ was because guess what, everyone on the planet knows the name.

From the hardest gangsta in the hood, to the most feeble of children...we've all been affected by this man. Trust me, I'm the first to crack wise about almost any topic, but if you're making jokes this soon for the sake of slandering the name..what's that all about?

I used to say this about super prominent figures in the world: "People like Michael Jackson, James Brown, Elvis Presley, etc, should have checked out in their prime in order to maintain their good names", and of course no, I wouldn't in actuality want them gone by any means, but it seems that for people who entertained the world to such a ridiculously phenomenal extent, they just got slammed later on in life... any given point in time I think we, as people, need to feel that there is someone amongst us that is just beyond us personally... as a form of mental security, in a way, that there is someone out there thinking beyond the norm for the greater good...
to me, that person is gone now...


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dakstalkers Tribute - Udon Crew

Been quite a while since I posted anything... too much stuff to remember (I'm pretty bad about blogging).
Anyway, this is kind of old news now but the most recent thing that's happened, therefore here ya go!

So this was my submission for the Darkstalkers Tribute Book, but I didn't make it in unfortunately :(

I still want to congratulate all of the winners and can't wait to see the book! Thanks to the Udon Crew :iconudoncrew: regardless for doing this. Looking forward to more in the future. I'll be at Comic Con this summer anyway with my own books and to pick up this one. So see you guys this summer!

~Chad C.