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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tiger Sharks!!!

Reliving more pieces of my childhood with these pieces. Dunno if you guys remember the old TigerSharks cartoon (1987), but it was a short lived, yet somehow still memorable, creation of Rankin/Bass (The same people that brought us ThunderCats and SilverHawks).

Did these and a few others for :iconmako87: (a commission client Richard) as a throwback and reinterpretation of the characters a bit more "up to date" on the looks. In all I did about 14-15 characters but can't show them all here as some are OC (original characters) and others may be used to promote a new show! 'Twas cool to reference and re-watch some of the old show for research!Mako, Octavia, Dolph, Angel, Doc Walro, Bronc, and finally T-Ray.

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Peep the old TigerSharks show opening!


~Chad C.

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